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The 3 Key Questions You Need to Ask Yourself about Your Customer's Experience

The 3 Key Questions You Need to Ask Yourself about Your Customer's Experience

The way your customers experience your business is absolutely vital. If your customers have a good experience from beginning to end and at every touch point, they'll remain loyal to you. If there's a disconnect somewhere, they're likely to go to a competitor. In order to ensure a good customer experience, here are three questions to ask yourself.

How Do My Customers Become Aware of My Business?

First impressions matter. Where do people first hear of your business? Is it from advertising? Social media? A trusted friend?

Once you've figured exactly where your customers first interact with your business, you can make sure that this important touch point is perfect. It will set the stage for the possibly years-long relationship you'll have with your customer. It's where you set expectations and lay the groundwork for this relationship.

Where Do People Interact with Me and My Business?

You need to identify all of the touch points or venues where your customers interact with your business. These are offline venues such as your store, advertising, or community events, as well as online venues like social media, your website, or YouTube videos.

Once you identify all of the places you interact with your customer, you can take each one and figure out how to maximize it. Look for anything about it that might potentially damage the customer experience, while also considering ways to make it a better experience for your customers.

What's the Most Important Part of the Experience for My Customers?

What this question essentially boils down to is: Why do your customers buy from you? You need to know what part of the entire experience (and there are many parts to be considered) is most important. Is it your friendliness? Is it the extra goodies you offer as part of your service?

Is it the speed and convenience?

The customer experience doesn't just involve a trip to your store to buy something. It's the entire journey your customer has with your business from start to finish. It's important to consider this journey from the point of view of the customer, so that you can make it as rewarding for them as possible.

~ The Game Changer Team


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