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Mentoring Benefits

4 Not-So-Obvious Ways Being Mentored Is Amazing

We hear about mentoring in all aspects of life. It's popular in everything from couples mentoring couples in their relationships to being mentored in your goals regarding weight loss or building a business.

The reason seems obvious. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of the knowledge of those around them? Just having so much information at your fingertips is a time saver and the bonus of being able to ask questions means you're ahead of the game when you have a mentor in your quarter.

But did you know mentoring has other benefits as well? Think about this:

Mentors Know the Right People

Nobody helps your networking more than a mentor. Because of their experience, they've likely met many interesting people already and know just who will benefit you the most on the next stage of your journey.

Mentors are great for getting you those valuable contacts. Even if they don't know the person you need to meet, chances are they know someone who does and can leverage that contact to gain you an introduction.

Mentors Are in the Know

Even when you have the best intentions to keep up with your area of interest, a mentor has already studied the trends and knows where to find the latest information. You can count on a mentor to know the latest before you do. Think how beneficial this can be when it comes to staying on the cutting edge!

Mentors Make Great Practice Partners

Need to talk to a loan officer at the bank, a business superior, or someone else you're a little intimidated by? Mentors have already had these difficult conversations and can help out. They can give you tips for your meeting, or if they’re willing, be great at roleplaying the interaction to help you prepare. Talk about confidence building!

Mentors Keep You Going

Whenever you're feeling discouraged, a mentor is right there to help pick you back up again. First, they know your purpose and will very quickly remind you what you're fighting for. Second, they've already been where you are. By sharing their own experiences when they felt like quitting, you'll come to see you're not alone in your feelings.

But most important of all, mentors have moved past where you are now. Just their being there is a constant reminder of just how temporary this setback is. Remember, if they can succeed, so can you!

~ The Game Changer Team


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