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Boost Your Business Income

We all know the importance of creating a profitable business that is scalable. This article will share some insights into ways that successful businesses are leveraging to reach the masses in an impactful way. 

Income Boost Blueprint

Make Extra Money by Creating Videos for Small Businesses

Would you like to boost your income quickly and easily? If so, making YouTube videos to market small businesses is a great way to do it.

Many businesses are looking for ways to get into the digital age. In fact, you might not even have to make a true video. In most cases, a simple slideshow set to music is just as good, if not better.

Making these videos is a simple business that requires little to no skill except for some determination and a little creativity. Not only that, but many of the businesses will already have high quality photos that you can use.

Getting Started

As with many businesses, it’s all in the marketing. The hardest part will be finding clients, but it’s not too difficult as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

There are many ways to find clients. Choose the method that appeals to you. Ideally, you would utilize all of the methods to ensure a steady stream of clients.

Consider these options for finding clients:

1. Cold calling is perhaps the most effective method. There is no better way to find clients than simply picking up the phone and dialing. You can follow this script:

Ÿ “Hi, my name is _____. I’m taking a video marketing class and I have to find a business to use for one of my projects. Are you the person to talk to about that?”

Ÿ When you get the correct person on the phone, “I’m looking for a business to use for a class project. It entails making 2 videos and doing all the marketing to get a business to the top of the Google search results. The cost would be $175. Is that something that you would be interested in?”

Ÿ Obviously, it will be dishonest to claim you are taking a class if you’re actually not. So find a free class online and sign up. You’ll learn a lot and you can honestly claim to be taking a class. Many people love to help others that are learning.

Ÿ You should expect to average a client every 20 calls or so, which should take about an hour.

Ÿ Using this method allows you to call many more people in the same amount of time it takes to drive to a business. The phone also doesn’t require the expense of gasoline.

2. Just show up at the business. You can use the same basic script, but go door-to-door and approach business owners. It usually takes less than 20 approaches to find a new client. So the numbers can be better than cold calling.

3. Advertise your service on Craigslist. The best category for your posting would probably be Computer > Gigs. Keep in mind that your post can only be renewed and moved back to the top of the list once every few days.

Ÿ You may have to post more frequently than that. This means you’ll require a few posts that are different enough that the filters won’t realize what you’re doing.

Ÿ Ideally, you would want to post at least twice a day. Pick a time when people are likely to be online looking at posts.

4. Use e-mail. You can use a ‘Craigslist e-mail scraper’, which you can find online. There are free options, so consider taking advantage of them. Use this tool to scrape the ‘Jobs’ category for email addresses. Ignore the email addresses that have ‘craigslist’ as part of the address. Email the others with your offer.

Ÿ Just send one email to each business. Avoid being a spammer!

Ÿ Ideally, you’ll want your own email address, which means getting your own website. You don’t have to actually create a website, but having your own email address makes everything easier.

Ÿ An email service like Yahoo or Gmail can work, but you’ll be limited to a certain number of emails before they start putting limits on you.

Ÿ Use the bcc: option and send a single email to hundreds of recipients at a time. You’ll be sending out an average of about 400 emails before someone says yes.

Think about targeting the following types of businesses: Furniture stores, bridal shops, boutiques, gift shops, dry cleaners, and carpet cleaning services. The key is to stay away from the well-known business chains. For example, McDonald’s won’t be letting you do marketing for them.

Once you have a client, do a little research:

1. Find keywords to use in marketing each client. The Google keyword tool at is a free tool you can use. There are other keyword tools as well. If you’re familiar with another that you prefer, feel free to use it instead.

Ÿ What you’re looking for are appropriate search terms. Ideally, you want search terms with high popularity, but relatively little competition. The Google keyword tool will tell you which terms are searched the most and how many people are buying advertising at Google for those terms.

Ÿ For example, if you were working with a bridal shop in Boise, you might check on the terms boise wedding dress, boise bridal, boise bridal shop, boise wedding store, boise wedding accessories, boise wedding dress alterations, and so on.

Ÿ Try using the local zip codes in place of the city name.

Ÿ Take your results to the business owner and try to get a feel for what he or she thinks about marketing with those terms. For example, she might tell you that a certain search term is likely to be used by people that are just looking for information instead of looking to spend some money, so it would be a waste to use such terms.

Making the Videos

Now it’s time to make your videos:

1. The first option is to make a real video. It’s difficult and expensive to make a truly professional looking video, so just do your best. Instead, pull out your cell phone and make a testimonial video telling your audience what you like about the business.

2. Make a slideshow. Head over to the business and take about 50 pictures with your digital camera. Ask the owner what items sell the best and get some pictures of those. You’ll only use approximately 15-20 good pictures.

3. If you’re lucky, the business will already have photos for you! These photos are likely to be high quality, too. Ask for them and use them in an interesting slide show.

4. Use Windows Movie Maker to create videos. This program is part of Microsoft Windows and it’s very easy to use. There are other programs you can use that are similar. With Movie Maker, you simply drag the photos into the program. Keep these points in mind:

Ÿ At the end of the video, put in a title slide that lists the name, address, contact information, and hours of the business you’re promoting.

Ÿ The video should be 45-60 seconds long.

Ÿ Play around with the various effects in the movie-making program. A little movement can make your slideshow much more interesting.

Ÿ Add in some music. There’s free music available at Find something that sounds good and fits nicely with your video.

5. Upload your video to Millions of people upload videos. Their website has easy-to-follow instructions.

Ÿ The title of the first video should be in the format of Business Name | phone number | city name | zip code | keyword.

Ÿ The title of the second video should be keyword #2 | phone number | city name | zip code | keyword #3.

Ping your videos. Go to and let the search engines know that your videos exist. Your keywords will serve as the title and the URL will be the web address of your videos. Both videos will need to be pinged. The website is self-explanatory regarding how to do this.

Getting Paid

Now show the business owner their new online videos at YouTube. It’s practically unheard of for a business owner to be dissatisfied with the videos. But if there are any issues, do your best to resolve them immediately.

The only thing left to do now is get paid! Provide the business owner with a simple invoice. There are plenty of free invoice templates available online for use with any popular word processing program. Take your check to the bank and move on to the next client. It’s really that simple.

Additional Pointers

1. It’s much easier than you think to find clients. You’ll need to stay on top of getting new clients. However, you shouldn’t deal with any clients that are being unreasonable or non-cooperative.

2. Keep marketing. Your primary job is marketing and securing new clients. The rest of your business is fast and easy.

3. Consider marketing to clients that are out of town. If you live in a small community with limited commerce, you might want to branch out to a wider geographic area. If you work with out of town clients, just mention that they’ll be supplying the photos.

4. Be clear about how much and when you’ll be paid. It’s important that everyone is on the same page. When talking to the business owner, say something like, “I’ll make the videos, and you’ll pay me after you have approved them. I want you to know that it may take a few weeks before we begin seeing results from this marketing campaign.”

5. Be flexible. Think about the market in your local area. Maybe making one video for $100 will be more attractive to your potential clients.

6. Do as much as you can on the phone and online. It gets expensive and time consuming to drive all over the place. Use the phone and internet resources to help you get clients and keep in touch with them along the way.

Making videos for small businesses is an excellent way to make some extra money. It could even turn into your new career. This business is easy, fun, and helpful to the local business owners in your community.

Now that you have the information be sure to put it into action. If you have any questions or comments you can always reach out to the team.

~ The Game Changer Team


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