The Top One Percents Top Ten Tips

The Top One Percents Top Ten Tips

 The top one percent aren't only working harder than the lowest 99%. You can't grunt your way to the very top. High heights require hard work. However, the task must be done smartly, too. The bottom ninety-nine percent focus on the wrong things.

The top one percent aren't smarter or more competent. However, the one percent do use time wisely and manage themselves effectively.

Know the gaps between the one percent along with everybody else:

  1. Being unstoppable. One famous quote goes, "Competition is for losers." As the average man who wants to aspire to great accomplishments looks for methods to prevent rivalry. 
  2.  The top 1% attack the day. They get a fantastic start on the day. As another ninety-nine percent are attempting to find out things to do, the top one percent are already busy. They have enthusiasm in the morning and make the most of every hour.
  3.  Action trumps knowledge. The top one percent are knowledgeable, but they...
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