Michelle's Story: Why We Should Live To The Fullest

“If you change your mindset and develop your skill set, then you will have no choice but to become an asset.” ~ Michelle Snow


Imagine what happened when Michelle Snow reflected on being told that she needed to rush home to her mother who was in the hospital’s intensive care unit? It no longer mattered that she was a professional athlete or how much money she was making.

Is This The End… 

As she boarded the 9-hour flight from Russia to her hometown of Pensacola, FL many thoughts began to run through her head. Will I make it? Will everything be okay? It was one of the worst gut-wrenching feelings she has ever encountered. 

She believes that all of us face similar situations at some point in life. Some face a financial battle while others have a health issue.

There are some things a child should never have to see. Michelle sat beside her mother watching helplessly as her mother's multiple surgeries left her bedridden with her stomach wide...

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