Two Things London Taught Us About Life


I do believe that life is short so when my sister said she was going to London to further her training as a master cosmetologist I couldn't turn down this opportunity.

Initially, I was shocked to hear that she was going to face her fear and travel so far from home.

There was a cheering stadium filled with chants on repeat in my head. 

It went with the happy dance I did as she announced her intentions over the phone.

She went through cosmetology school not once but twice.

A snafu prevented the first graduation. Many would have chalked it up to not-being-meant-to-be.

Not Rosalyn Snow a.k.a. CEO Snow.

She started all over and finished.

She is constantly evolving personally and professionally. 

Our visit to London set in motion many conversations that I've had the pleasure of reflecting on.

We took several trips down memory lane. 

I learned firsthand how we can all grow up within the same home, with the same parents and our perspectives be painted using completely...

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