How Those Closest To You Influence Your Success

influence success Feb 19, 2018

How Those Closest To You Influence Your Success

Imagine you grew up in a household of underachievers. Now imagine you climbed up in family members of top achievers. How would your viewpoint differ today?

You can not change your past, but you'll be able to influence your future by choosing the people in your life attentively. The people around you shape your expectations and beliefs.

Surround yourself With supportive high-achievers:

1. People could be either supportive or unsupportive. Have you ever paid attention to the number of people that wish you well but afterward seem to sabotage your efforts?

The majority of the people in life want one to prosper, provided that you're not doing better than they truly are. Have you ever heard these announcements after declaring a bold goal or aim?

  • "Are you sure you want to do that? Remember that moment you desired to _______ also it didn't work out?"
  • "What do you want to do if your business idea fails?"
  • "I could never lose that much...
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