Do You Have An Empowered Mindset?


Hey Game Changer!

Today's video blog is about igniting your empowered mindset. 

The fixed mindset tends to love routine because it provides stability and safety. If something interrupts the routine, the person may often experience anxiety or other signs of discomfort.

The growth mindset a.k.a. an empowered mindset is typically exhibiting a thirst for knowledge or a desire that is so strong it outweighs the fixed mindset and forces growth.

The WHY is more significant than the FEAR. 

We all are capable of exhibiting both mindsets depending on the situation. As a pro athlete, I'm comfortable playing in an arena full of spectators.

In the past, if you put a microphone in my hand and asked me to speak, I would get substantial sweat puddles under my arms.

Two different situations. 

Two different mindsets. 

One proven solution. 

When it comes to your dream which mindset is winning? 

Do you seek: 

  • Growth
  • Mentors
  • Proven Training
  • Proven Processes &...
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