5 Ways to Embrace the Season of Giving

5 Ways to Embrace the Season of Giving

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas goes by all sorts of names, depending on who you talk to, and you probably have your name for it as well!

If you haven’t yet been able to truly embrace the “reason for the season,” as some call it, you might want to give it some serious thought. Joining with others in giving back the blessings bestowed on you is a great way to make it joyful and memorable for you as well.

But just how do you do that? How do you give back without literally taking what you’ve received and handing it over to someone else? Thankfully, there are several ways you can give and receive the benefits of “giving back.”

Consider these ideas:

1. Visit a children’s hospital.

Children hospitalized during the holidays could use some Christmas cheer. You can give them that reassurance by spending time with them during this season of giving. Your visits will provide much-needed encouragement and bring some special joy into their day.

  • Find out from your local children’s hospital if they have a program which allows you to become a mentor to young patients.
  • Make play dates or plan to read stories.
  • Add the children to your social media network, so they feel involved.

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2. Donate cash, food, clothes, toys, or other gifts

Sometimes the most direct way to give is to donate money or goods to a needy individual or organization. Your contribution can make a meaningful difference in an individual’s life or a program’s ability to help the masses. It’s easy to embrace the season when you realize how much you are appreciated!

3. Adopt a pet.

Taking an abandoned pet into your home is one of the most heartwarming things you’ll ever experience! Animals have such a direct way of showing gratitude by giving back unconditional love and loyalty.

4. Count your blessings.

Sometimes all that is required to embrace the season of giving is sincere appreciation for all the blessings you’ve received. When you take a moment to look at all you’ve received and achieved, you’ll realize that you have more than you imagined and can then feel free to share your wealth - financial and spiritual - with others.

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5. Spend precious time with those you love.

Precious memories with family members and other loved ones are worth more than their weight in gold. It’s an awesome feeling to let those closest to you know how important they are to you. That’s probably the best gift you’ll ever give them!

As you can see, the season of giving can be what you want it to mean. Embrace it by choosing your unique way to give back to others while giving thanks for all you’ve received.

Customize the season to fit your life and cater to the things that are important to you. Taking this approach enables you to get the most out of this season of giving, and also ensures each year brings new memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Happy holidays, 

~ Michelle 


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