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 Public Speaking 101: Checklist

When it comes to public speaking, there are several tried and true methods that professional speakers can quickly implement to provide a smooth experience for you and your audience. 

A professional speaker knows how to elicit specific responses from their audience. The primary objective is to leave your audience informed and inspired. This method is through preparation on your part and collaboration with the organization

Below you will find a public speaking checklist to use during the prep phase. Print it out and keep it in a folder for future use.

Phase I

  • I’ve come up with my topic.
  • I have found several sources to cite in my speech.
  • I have gathered all of the information that I need.
  • I marked down all of my sources so I can credit them.
  • I have organized the information.

Phase II          

  • I have written my speech.
  • I have written a second draft.
  • I have written a third draft.
  • I believe that this is as good as I can make it.
  • I have prepared note cards to keep the essential points on hand.

Phase III

  • The cards are short and contain only a few details.
  • I have numbered the cards.
  • The cards are in sequential order.
  • I have read my speech aloud at least twice to myself.
  • My speech sounds natural.
  • I have timed the speech.
  • My speech falls within the time allotted.
  • I have memorized my speech.
  • I was able to recite my speech without stammering or blanking.
  • I have rehearsed my speech in front of friends and family.
  • I have tested all props and technical items.

Phase IV

  • I made consistent eye contact.
  • I received feedback on how to improve.
  • I used the suggestions to make my presentation better.






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