Michelle's Story: Why We Should Live To The Fullest

“If you change your mindset and develop your skill set, then you will have no choice but to become an asset.” ~ Michelle Snow


Imagine what happened when Michelle Snow reflected on being told that she needed to rush home to her mother who was in the hospital’s intensive care unit? It no longer mattered that she was a professional athlete or how much money she was making.

Is This The End… 

As she boarded the 9-hour flight from Russia to her hometown of Pensacola, FL many thoughts began to run through her head. Will I make it? Will everything be okay? It was one of the worst gut-wrenching feelings she has ever encountered. 

She believes that all of us face similar situations at some point in life. Some face a financial battle while others have a health issue.

There are some things a child should never have to see. Michelle sat beside her mother watching helplessly as her mother's multiple surgeries left her bedridden with her stomach wide open. 

"It seems" the medications fixed one issue only to bring several others. What do you do when you back is against the wall, and all odds are against you? What do you do when your prayers go unanswered?

That fourteen-year battle impacted, inspired, and lit a fire within Michelle that many would not understand. Whenever Michelle and her mom were alone, Michelle would reassure her that everything would be ok. 

The Beginning of a New Perspective 

That fire ignited a motivation within for Michelle to do whatever it took to make it to the professional league. She went on to get an athletic scholarship to play at the University of Tennessee. She would leverage the exposure from the #1 basketball program to make it to the professional ranks. 

Playing professional basketball would eventually allow Michelle to pay for her mother's medication but in the early years, it was quite different. Every time she felt like quitting she would think of her mother laying there with the inability to use her limbs. 

She thought about her mother not taking her medication because her mother couldn’t afford to pay for all of them on a teacher's salary. One prescription cost $500 by itself.

She watched as a vibrant school teacher, dean’s assistant, Sunday school teacher, juvenile justice counselor and life-long giver dwelled away and in need of help. It hurt Michelle beyond anyone’s knowledge. 

She never told anyone what was going on or just how bad it was. She just focused on what she could control which was finding a way to pay for the next prescription, mortgage payment, or school clothes for her siblings.  

Taking the Path Less Traveled 

Michelle left home in 1998 for college. Crying herself to sleep every single night as she hoped and prayed that she would be able to fix everything in time. 

Michelle persevered and found a way to go from a skinny kid with holes in the bottom of her shoes and forty cents in her pocket to the owner of several successful companies. 

She would go on to become a professional athlete, motivational speaker, author, and business consultant.

She was also determined to help others who were in similar situations learn the truth about what it takes to succeed even when you have absolutely nothing to start. 

The Power of a Strong WHY 

In 2004, Michelle’s mother passed, since Michelle’s lost, she has overcome many obstacles. The death of her mother ignited Michelle with a passion for service to others. 

Overcoming obstacles were something as a professional athlete, Michelle mastered. She is now able to address social issues on a much bigger platform. 

Through losing her mother, Michelle realized she wouldn't have this desire if she had not gone through that particular storm in her life.

Knowing many people too struggle to get beyond their current situation to achieve their dreams, she has dedicated her life to empowering others. 

That strong passion for supporting others has positively impacted so many people throughout the years. Being a role model on and off the basketball court is something Michelle holds dear to her heart. 

Michelle’s intense passion for serving and supporting others has impacted hundreds of thousands through her love on the basketball court to her reaching others through her business endeavors. 

3 Keys To Inspired Living 

She is committed to teaching her innovative personal and business strategies through her speaking, seminars, private coaching, books and home study courses. 

Michelle has dedicated her life to helping others implement these three principles for success: 

  1. Mindset
  2. Skillset
  3. Asset

Empowering Others

Michelle has created several courses designed to help entrepreneurs, executives, professional athletes, professional speakers, authors, life/business coaches, and trainers.

Michelle reaps praise on numerous occasions for her ability to be relatable. She has a unique way of getting the best out of others by helping them roadmap their trail to personal achievement. 

Giving back is a massive part of Michelle’s life. It's her way of shining light on things that matter. She has also donated large sums of her finances to organizations in hopes of serving others.  

Helping entrepreneurs, youth, and women are dear to her heart. She's a firm believer that "creating your successful future is vital by also developing an inner belief that you have the power to overcome personal challenges to reach your dreams and goals." 

Motivating Factors

A big part of Michelle’s motivation naturally comes from her mother, Rosa.

“Having the chance to spend quality time with my mother Rosa before she passed has been the greatest blessing the Universe could have ever given me. My ability to leverage my status as a businesswoman, professional athlete, and philanthropist is the second greatest blessing!”


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