La Platas High Wins Big


Dear La Plata High School,

First, congratulations on winning the tournament the other day!

It was a pleasure speaking with you the other day.

The time has flown since my high school days. There were so many things that seemed relevant. 

If there is one thing that you take away from our talk is the realization that anything is possible. 

Especially, the dream you don't share with many people. The one that scares you just a bit but holds your heart captive. It's the thing that you want so badly but question if you're good enough, smart enough, or unique enough to achieve it. 

Yes, you can achieve it.

There will be many times when you face decisions that will shift the course of your destiny. When you come to that fork in the road, I want you to ask yourself this one question. 

Will this decision bring me closer to my dream or push me further away? 

This one question can keep you focused on what matters most to YOU. 

  • Not your friends.
  • Not your parents.
  • Not society. 

As a teenager, I can remember Muhammed Ali coming to my city. Since I'm from a small little town in the panhandle of Florida, we typically don't get a ton of famous people coming to motivate teens. 

He was legendary. His white boxer shorts with red trim could are as vivid as the image of him standing before me. 

He was shaking as he spoke but his voice still rang with the self-esteem of a man who knew that destiny started with a strong self-belief. It began when no-one was looking. 

  • When he didn't have a ride to the gym, he would run there. 
  • When he lifted weights, he didn't start counting until the pain's presence. 
  • When people doubted him he would tell them loudly that they were wrong. 

As he spoke, I sat mesmerized. I could relate to the naysayers. Having no ride felt normal. Being picked on was common. I felt his pain and could see how he allowed it to become his motivational fuel. 

"Anything is possible," he said, and I believed him. 

Now after a 16-year professional sports career I remember sitting in that audience promising that it was my destiny to empower and inspire others to their greatness.

Life lessons have forced me to learn how to balance the pressures we face in life and athletics. 

Empowering and inspiring you is my ultimate mission. Planting the seed of self-belief and arming you with the resources to blossom into the best versions of yourselves. 

Use the videos, podcasts, and blogs on this website to learn what it takes to make dreams come true. Shoot me an email with your biggest challenge to [email protected] and my team, and I will get back to you asap.

Good luck on the rest of your season and remember you are STUDENT-athletes first!

Your Coach Erin knows what it takes to make it to the next level. 

  1. Listen.
  2. Learn.
  3. Leverage her knowledge!

I look forward to hearing more great things from Coach about La Plata High School on and off the court.

To your success,

~ Michelle Snow



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