How To Get Things Done

How To Get Things Done

People who suffer from focus issues, typically daydreamed of being someone who can get things done! You know, the type of person who could create a task list and race through it, get everything done and then tackle their next challenge.

I'm sure that I am not alone and that many of you wish that you could get more things done. There was a study done in a business magazine that stated, workers who produced more work in less time earn more money than the average worker. That is a big DUH, but it does hold a ton of merit.

I also remember reading a quote from the Harvard School of Business that stated, "the biggest predictor of success among entrepreneurs is the speed of implementation." In this context, it merely means people who can quickly jump-start their ideas from idea to reality versus those who don't to have greater success. Too often, people sit on ideas and never bring them to fruition. They usually big dreams and little work to show.

The goal of this article is to give a few tips on how to get more done in less time.

How To Race Through Work

I've been an entrepreneur for the last six years. In this time, I've wanted to clone myself or outsource all my duties to China. Those two options are impossible, so I had to learn how to work more efficiently.

One way to become more efficient and to produce more work is to turn off all distractions. For me, this means hiding away from the world. I've turned off my cell phone, used a URL blocked to block sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. My goal is to focus on work and nothing else solely. You would be SHOCKED at how much time we wasted on inconsequential things.

Once you have removed all the distractions from your life, you still need to figure out how to work faster. It is learning how to work more quickly that will give you more success. I love to look at thinks systematically, and I'm great and breaking systems down to their most essential parts.

My suggestion is that you do the same thing. Take a look at all the duties that you have, break them down into the most critical tasks and push those to the forefront. Figure out ways to them faster. Is there any software or tricks that you can learn to complete them more quickly? Are there any tasks that you can assign to someone else?

Your goal should be to create new and faster processes to achieve more work.

It Isn't Just External

It isn't just external! You might need to upgrade or change the way you think about your duties. Do attitudes and mental processes slow you down? Question every aspect of your work day and look for more efficient methods. As a writer, I changed my keyboard to a faster model, and I even changed my writing style so that I can complete articles at a more rapid rate. Tweak everything.

As you can see, your production abilities will dictate your success. Getting more things completed in less time will earn you more money and will give you time to do other things that you enjoy. To increase your production speed, you might have to cut out extraneous tasks and only focus on the most critical functions that you have.

Decreasing distractions and only focusing on work will also happen. People waste several hours of the day socializing and entertaining themselves. Removing such drains on your time will make you efficient.

~ Michelle Snow

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