The Difference Between Most


The difference between those who find success on some level and those find massive success is minimal. Most people take themselves out of the equation because they don't even try. 

Some get caught up in perfection. This scenario created a hang-up for me for a very long time. 

After reading a book called the 5 Second Rule, there was a revelation that I needed to get out of my way and adopt the 5-second rule in my life. It's an interesting concept that works if you apply it. You should check this book out if you already have not.

There we go again imploring you to take action. It's the key to success. 

This video is proof that perfection isn't everything. You will see my finger occasionally get in the way of the recording, and you may notice that there wasn't a lick of editing done either. 

Listen I only had 5-seconds. 

I'm kidding. 

Honestly, it was more about showing you that if I can get over my need to be perfect and get this video out to...

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Why Should You Listen To Me


The only logical reason for listening to me would be one where you wanted to learn from someone who is further along in the journey than you are. 

If I'm not, then you shouldn't be listening to me. 

My previous job allotted me with time and financial freedom which was used to further my goals for life after sports. My free time was spent learning how to build a business, websites, create actions proven action plans and getting 1-on-1 mentoring from multi-millionaires and a couple of billionaires who were where I eventually wanted to be. 

It is by far one of the most challenging tasks I've had to undertake on top of my responsibilities to keep my mind, body, and emotional being in elite condition as a pro athlete. 

Imagine pushing your body to exhaustion for 3 - 6 hours per day while you practice with your team, lift weights, rehab and possibly come back for a second practice daily. The mental and physical toll that it takes on your body is beyond words. 


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Maintaining Balance


Check out this video on maintaining balance. While taking a staycation in Mersin, Turkey relaxing by the water I shot this video just for you. 


~ Michelle Snow

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Appreciating the Small Things Is Key to Contentment

Appreciating the Small Things Is Key to Contentment

Many people believe that when you understand the small things in life, you are well on your way to being happy. But, what is happiness? Most emotions are transitional meaning you are never in one state for long periods. People who are considered upbeat will have moments of sadness or depression. Even depressed people are not depressed all the time. They have moments of happiness, too.

Think about a significant event such as a war. When two countries are fighting, both sides lose lives. It is bloody, and it can last for several years. But, when the war is over, the countries are euphoric. There will be no more bloodshed because of the war, and people can return to their homes.

However, there is nothing that has changed in the world except that the war has ended. In other words, the sun still sets each day. People still have to manage their lives. The euphoria from the war ending doesn’t last long. Months later, the war is even...

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Letting Go Of Control


Letting go of control is beautiful. 

In my experience, each time I let go of things out of my control I find peace. There's a calm in knowing that everything is always working out in your favor. It reminds you that there is no need to waste precious energy on people and things beyond our control. 

Of course, this is my humble opinion. 


~ Michelle Snow

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Painting Positive Perspectives


Here's another empowered video where Michelle Snow discusses the power of painting positive perspectives.


~ Michelle Snow

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How To Get Things Done

How To Get Things Done

People who suffer from focus issues, typically daydreamed of being someone who can get things done! You know, the type of person who could create a task list and race through it, get everything done and then tackle their next challenge.

I'm sure that I am not alone and that many of you wish that you could get more things done. There was a study done in a business magazine that stated, workers who produced more work in less time earn more money than the average worker. That is a big DUH, but it does hold a ton of merit.

I also remember reading a quote from the Harvard School of Business that stated, "the biggest predictor of success among entrepreneurs is the speed of implementation." In this context, it merely means people who can quickly jump-start their ideas from idea to reality versus those who don't to have greater success. Too often, people sit on ideas and never bring them to fruition. They usually big dreams and little work to show.

The goal of this...

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Unleashing Your True Mental Potential

Unleashing Your True Mental Potential

It may be difficult to measure your mental strength if life is running along smoothly. However, whenever you run into a significant event like a divorce or laid to rest, you'll need to stay in prime mental form.

Prepare for whatever lies ahead. You can do nearly anything if you put your mind towards it. Try out these tips for increasing your stamina and forging mental toughness.

Major Elements of Mental Strength

Emotional strength manifests differently depending on our characters. Still, there are some foundational truths we can tap.

1. Practice mindfulness. Handle your feelings and thoughts. Be aware of what is happening in mind, so it is possible to get sound decisions. Challenge incorrect beliefs and develop more constructive ways of coping.

2. Be conscientious. Stay true to your core beliefs and principles. Organize your life, take your responsibilities to the others seriously, and follow through to your plans.

3. Develop...

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How Those Closest To You Influence Your Success

influence success Feb 19, 2018

How Those Closest To You Influence Your Success

Imagine you grew up in a household of underachievers. Now imagine you climbed up in family members of top achievers. How would your viewpoint differ today?

You can not change your past, but you'll be able to influence your future by choosing the people in your life attentively. The people around you shape your expectations and beliefs.

Surround yourself With supportive high-achievers:

1. People could be either supportive or unsupportive. Have you ever paid attention to the number of people that wish you well but afterward seem to sabotage your efforts?

The majority of the people in life want one to prosper, provided that you're not doing better than they truly are. Have you ever heard these announcements after declaring a bold goal or aim?

  • "Are you sure you want to do that? Remember that moment you desired to _______ also it didn't work out?"
  • "What do you want to do if your business idea fails?"
  • "I could never lose that much...
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The Top One Percents Top Ten Tips

The Top One Percents Top Ten Tips

 The top one percent aren't only working harder than the lowest 99%. You can't grunt your way to the very top. High heights require hard work. However, the task must be done smartly, too. The bottom ninety-nine percent focus on the wrong things.

The top one percent aren't smarter or more competent. However, the one percent do use time wisely and manage themselves effectively.

Know the gaps between the one percent along with everybody else:

  1. Being unstoppable. One famous quote goes, "Competition is for losers." As the average man who wants to aspire to great accomplishments looks for methods to prevent rivalry. 
  2.  The top 1% attack the day. They get a fantastic start on the day. As another ninety-nine percent are attempting to find out things to do, the top one percent are already busy. They have enthusiasm in the morning and make the most of every hour.
  3.  Action trumps knowledge. The top one percent are knowledgeable, but they...
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