Public Speaking Tips

 Public Speaking 101: Checklist

When it comes to public speaking, there are several tried and true methods that professional speakers can quickly implement to provide a smooth experience for you and your audience. 

A professional speaker knows how to elicit specific responses from their audience. The primary objective is to leave your audience informed and inspired. This method is through preparation on your part and collaboration with the organization

Below you will find a public speaking checklist to use during the prep phase. Print it out and keep it in a folder for future use.

Phase I

  • I’ve come up with my topic.
  • I have found several sources to cite in my speech.
  • I have gathered all of the information that I need.
  • I marked down all of my sources so I can credit them.
  • I have organized the information.

Phase II          

  • I have written my speech.
  • I have written a second draft.
  • I have written a third draft.
  • ...
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La Platas High Wins Big


Dear La Plata High School,

First, congratulations on winning the tournament the other day!

It was a pleasure speaking with you the other day.

The time has flown since my high school days. There were so many things that seemed relevant. 

If there is one thing that you take away from our talk is the realization that anything is possible. 

Especially, the dream you don't share with many people. The one that scares you just a bit but holds your heart captive. It's the thing that you want so badly but question if you're good enough, smart enough, or unique enough to achieve it. 

Yes, you can achieve it.

There will be many times when you face decisions that will shift the course of your destiny. When you come to that fork in the road, I want you to ask yourself this one question. 

Will this decision bring me closer to my dream or push me further away? 

This one question can keep you focused on what matters most to YOU. 

  • Not your friends.
  • Not your parents.
  • ...
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Unlocking Your Inner Genius

“Contrary to what we’ve been taught, genes do not determine physical and character traits on their own. Rather, they interact with the environment in a dynamic, ongoing process that produces and continually refines an individual”

~ David Shenk 


In other words, we all have an inner genius, and that talent is not fixed or fully evolved, but dynamic and able to grow.

This means we have the capacity to cultivate our talents and intelligence to improve our lives and, to ultimately realize our own unique inner genius and share it with the world. 

It’s like with any sport that you enjoy: with the right coach and dedication to practice and hard work you can improve your life.

Similarly, with the right guidance and training, you can master your natural talents and maximize your personal and professional growth, and gain access to your inner genius.

~ Michelle Snow

Your Executive High-Performance Coach

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Make This Christmas a Merry One!

Make This Christmas a Merry One!  

There are many ways to make this Christmas merry! Unfortunately, sometimes it’s difficult nowadays to feel the joy through the cluttered maze that has become of Christmas.

Through the years, Christmas has strayed too far from its original purpose and become a highly commercialized event. 

When it comes to the holiday season, more people are concerned with buying the “perfect” gift for others and anticipating what they will receive, rather than focusing on the true spirit of the holiday. 

It’s time to get back to the basics when it comes to the season of gift-giving, love, sharing, and caring. This year, you can make your Christmas a joyous and stress-free holiday by following these three easy tips: 

1. Give of Yourself. If you enjoy providing gifts to others, that’s a nice gesture. However, you should avoid dwelling on it too much. No matter what you can or cannot afford, there’s always one...

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The Journey


Here is a video where I share how we can take the journey we are currently on and tweak ONE thing to position us to handle the obstacles that life occasionally throws our way. 

For years I ignored the simple things because I was sure it couldn't be that easy. Don't overlook practical strategies that you can quickly learn from to find a harder way. Sometimes we have to work smarter and the journey will be a lot more fun. 

~ Michelle

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5 Ways to Embrace the Season of Giving

5 Ways to Embrace the Season of Giving

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas goes by all sorts of names, depending on who you talk to, and you probably have your name for it as well!

If you haven’t yet been able to truly embrace the “reason for the season,” as some call it, you might want to give it some serious thought. Joining with others in giving back the blessings bestowed on you is a great way to make it joyful and memorable for you as well.

But just how do you do that? How do you give back without literally taking what you’ve received and handing it over to someone else? Thankfully, there are several ways you can give and receive the benefits of “giving back.”

Consider these ideas:

1. Visit a children’s hospital.

Children hospitalized during the holidays could use some Christmas cheer. You can give them that reassurance by spending time with them during this season of giving. Your visits will provide much-needed encouragement...

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Two Things London Taught Us About Life


I do believe that life is short so when my sister said she was going to London to further her training as a master cosmetologist I couldn't turn down this opportunity.

Initially, I was shocked to hear that she was going to face her fear and travel so far from home.

There was a cheering stadium filled with chants on repeat in my head. 

It went with the happy dance I did as she announced her intentions over the phone.

She went through cosmetology school not once but twice.

A snafu prevented the first graduation. Many would have chalked it up to not-being-meant-to-be.

Not Rosalyn Snow a.k.a. CEO Snow.

She started all over and finished.

She is constantly evolving personally and professionally. 

Our visit to London set in motion many conversations that I've had the pleasure of reflecting on.

We took several trips down memory lane. 

I learned firsthand how we can all grow up within the same home, with the same parents and our perspectives be painted using completely...

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Day 1 of 21 - Empowering Live Video Series

  Day 1 of 21 - Empowering Facebook Live Video Series

I'm stepping outside of my comfort zone over the next 21 days right here on facebook live at 7:30 pm tomorrow!!!

My mission is to empower you by bridging the gap between our dreams and reality. 

Posted by Michelle Snow on Sunday, November 11, 2018

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Amor Fatis - Love of Fate


Amor Fati - Love of Fate

Amor Fati is a Latin phrase that translates to love of one's fate. It describes the type of attitude you possess about how you see where you are and where you are going. 

I've never heard it until today and thought it would be cool to share its meaning with you. 

~ Michelle


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Why I Focus

focus michelle snow Oct 16, 2018

Why I Focus

This video illustrates an interesting story that many of Michelle's fans have not heard. Her journey to the pros had one of the strongest 'whys' we've heard in a long time. 

She was not chasing fame or fortune like most who aspire to make it to the professional ranks of their industry. 

Well, we are not going to spill the beans. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

~ The Empowerment Team

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