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Bridging the gap between dreams and reality. 

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Making sound decisions is key to creating a solid foundation to build on for the duration of your life.


When you have a proven road map you increase your chances of reaching your desired goals. 


The game-changer formula is a proven process that has helped thousands reach new heights. 


  • The Mission is to help others realize their true potential and understand that success comes when you give your dream all of you.

  • The Journey doesn't have 'an easy button.' It takes focus & consistent effort over a period of time to see massive results.

  • The Phoenix is what you become as your perspective shifts and you realize your true potential. 


Game Changer Reviews

"It was awesome to meet Michelle in person. She is a real person. She's awesome. Her game changer system is life-changing. 

Steve Gardner
Author of Your Super Powers

"Game changers are leaders, challenge seekers. They do things differently. They make things go in the direction they want."

Bob Miller

"Michelle makes a difference in the lives of others. She taught me that making a small change in the lives of those in my community can make a big difference."

Mark Garcia

"Michelle enabled me to crystallize and reconnect with my ideal self so I could increase my focus & take my business to the next level"

Dr. Tim Benson

Harvard Psychiatrist

"Michelle is tall, sharp, and powerful. She's influential in a way that makes you want to be a better person. If you want success jump in full force with Michelle."

Jeff Santos

7-figure entrepreneur & author

"Michelle me discover that it takes a consistent pursuit of happiness to live your best life."


Mindful Trendsetting for Youth

"I am blown away at the amount of content that I found inside.You take people and show them exactly what steps to take. There's an enormous amount of potential in this system. If anyone is thinking about taking the plunge and joining this system. Don't wait. Honestly this is being sold way too cheap for the amount of content inside.You can trust her. She knows her stuff."

Nick S.

Online Marketer

"When I first met Michelle it felt as if we had known each other for a long time. She provides value that needed in today's crazy world. She impacts lives."

Ed Sween

Detroit, MI

"As a game changer you've got to bring it every single day. Michelle is accompanying you and giving you this insane energy so you can go after what you want in life."

David Braum

High-performance life coach (Paris)

"I highly recommend that you stop what you're doing right now  and contact Michelle Snow.  She has a beautiful soul & really cares about helping people become game changers."

James Cooper

Certified life coach

"Michelle really taught us what it meant to level up in the game of life and business. Being consistent, productive, and create a life that is fulfilling."

Joan Perry

San Jose, CA

"Michelle brings a joyful engaging personality that brings out your highest self. You really sense her reach and remarkable personality  which helps you to feel confident in all areas of your life."

Mike E.


"Not only is she a force and a talent on and off the court. Michelle is able to perceives exactly what you need to pull out your excellence. She will even kick you in the butt when needed."



"Michelle showed me the way. The first thing Michelle did was take me to lunch and tell me how to invest and save my money. I'll never forget that."

Shay Doron

Pro Basketball

Decision Time

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