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What is your desired outcome personally and professionally?


If you're ready to see results in life and business, it's time to hire experts to facilitate the process of peak personal and professional performance. 


A proven plan of action, it serves as your sails and allows the navigation of any given situation. Our team has helped 100's reach heightened & sustained results. 


Leverage your passion to increase your productivity with help from our expansion team. We collaborate to find new ways to maximize income your results. 

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I’m Michelle Snow, and I empower women who want to build affluence, stability, and freedom.

Why should you listen to me?

  • We work side-by-side, collaborating on your personal and professional interests.
  • Coaching and support. Guidance on implementation of strategic activities for faster growth.
  • See measurable results. Finally, be able to track your results to see what is working and what is not.

We are happy you’re here. Let's begin the conversation and collaborate on making this your best year.  


"Michelle is a true game-changer. She helped me to break through some mental blockages and get back to my All-American ways!"

Dr. Tim Benson

"Michelle is tenacious, hard-working, determined and well respected. She brings that same attitude to her businesses. From doing real estate to numerous other business ventures. She makes things happen."

Dominique Canty
Triple Threat Fitness

"She's a one-stop solution for anyone wanting to create a business. You saved me time, money, and delivered a great package."

Andy Green

"It was a wonderful experience meeting and talking with Michelle about her powerful story. What a fantastic role model!"

Kathie Jeffcoat

""I have been certified for two different positions other than mine in just 48 hours.... Thank you for your knowledge and these exercises. God bless you!""

Wendy D. Istre

"Michelle's course was very useful and full of profitable ideas to maximize profits quickly. "

Irene Immink

"Anyone new to online marketing should grab Michelle's ASU course. It saves time and lays out everything you need to market your business. You won't be sorry!"

Earl Thomas

"Michelle is an honest, caring, and hardworking individual who cares. She is a positive and genuine person to be around. "

Caroline Williams
Director of USA Basketball

"Michelle is heroic. Her writing, ability to captivate audiences, and leadership are proof that she isn't the typical 'ballplayer.' She's a woman on a mission. "

Chris Reese

7 Game-Changing Life Skills

Some skills are necessary to perform your job. As important as these specific skills are, however, there are a handful of game-changing life skills that will take your performance to a higher level on the job, with family and friends, and as part of a social or professional community. Read more...

Empowered Live

Watch Michelle as she goes live on Facebook to show her loyal followers how to reach heightened & sustained levels personally and professionally. 


Ten Things The 1% Do

The ten things the 1% implement into their daily routine. A good plan that's followed closely and consistently always surpasses a great idea implemented halfway.


Empowering Youth

Michelle Snow shares an empowering message with the youth of La Platas High. If there is one thing that you take away from our talk is the realization that anything is possible.


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