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Proven systems and processes that accelerate personal and professional development. 



At 11, Michelle unknowingly started her entrepreneurial journey.


Although she was merely trying to provide for her family by taking some of the pressure off of her ailing mother she accidentally stumbled across what she now calls the Game Changer Formula.


She would go on to receive over 150 academic and athletic scholarships, graduate with a degree in Psychology, become the first woman to dunk in a nationally televised game, drafted in the first round, first to dunk in the WNBA All-Star game and retire as a sports Hall of Fame inductee in 2018.


During a stellar 16-year pro career she would be mentored by three billionaires who would drastically change her perspective on life, business and more.


This slowly evolved into numerous accolades, a professional speaking career, multiple business opportunities, brand ambassadorships, and joint ventures.


Now Michelle looks to take the leadership skills learned while playing professionally to corporate America at Nike.


Her mission is to empower underserved communities through creative consumer initiatives.

If you're interested learning how anyone can leverage proven systems and processes to assess, accelerate and assure success then you're in the right place. 

Michelle has helped thousands of individuals make their personal and professional goals a reality. 

If you are committed to putting in the work, then she will provide the knowledge and resources needed to see measurable results for an extended period of time.

Welcome to the Game Changer Family! 


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Shell you were AMAZING today! What an inspirational talk in a time of our TA team’s biggest hiring ramp! Appreciate all that you poured into us this morning!

Judith Rudge - Senior Director, Talent Acquisition - Consumer Marketplace

Michelle has the uncanny ability to instill trust with new teammates and always acts with courage. She consistently demonstrates self awareness to know how she influences a person, a room and/or a project. She fosters effective teamwork by being prepared for meetings and speaking up when she needs clarity or needs assistance. She values differences and ensures accountability from all she works with. Thank you for being you Snow!

Marisol Tawadros - Director at Nike

Congratulations to Michelle Snow who will be awarded "The Living the Dream" award this Saturday. This is a well deserved for a phenomenal woman, athlete, humanitarian and activist who is constantly working to change lives and inspire others to reach their goals. This bright, bold, beautiful and brilliant lady is moving mountains and impacting with positivity and opportunities for children, families and communities within Florida and around the country! 

Claudette Longoria - Producing Partner at Karma180 -