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Improve Life

To provide women with tools, resources, and training to design their best life.

Improve Leadership

New leadership skills to go from top individual to empowering and leveraging other leaders.

Improve Business

Access proven processes and systems to create a sustainable online business.


I’m Michelle Snow, and I’m your go-to expert for empowering women who want to build affluence, stability, and freedom.

Why should you listen to me?

  • I’ve been immersed in women’s empowerment consistently since 2006, when I began training future leaders.
  • I currently have three programs for developing personally and professionally. The online portal is open 24/7...365.
  • My team members create new training materials weekly. This team is instrumental to my business.

We are happy you’re here. Let's design the life you deserve. 



"Michelle is a true game-changer. She helped me to break through some mental blockages and get back to my All-American ways!"

Dr. Tim Benson
Harvard Psychiatrist

"Michelle has always been that hard worker on and off the court. On the court, she is tenacious, hard-working, determined and well respected. She brings that same attitude to her businesses. The one thing I discovered about Michelle is how business-minded she is. From doing real estate to numerous other business ventures. She makes things happen."

Dominique Canty
Triple Threat Fitness

"I can’t believe how you have managed to cram so much high-quality content in for such a low price. It’s a one-stop solution for anyone wanting to create a passive stream of income. It covers just about every aspect of marketing. You have saved me loads of time and money. You really have delivered a great package."

Andy Green

Empower You

You'll dive straight into creating the EMPOWERED YOU, to realize your greatest desires.

Whatever your goal is, you can learn the steps to achieve it in You 2.0

All it takes is just 10 minutes a day to start witnessing the massive transformation of the new you unfold right before your eyes.


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7 Game-Changing Life Skills

Some skills are necessary to perform your job. As important as these specific skills are, however, there are a handful of game-changing life skills that will take your performance to a higher level on the job, with family and friends, and as part of a social or professional community. Read more...

Meet Michelle

Hi, it's Michelle Snow and I'm grateful you're here! I work with pioneers who are fired up about closing the gap between men and women globally.

How Top 1% Think

The top 1% are knowledgeable, but they know a secret. A good plan that's followed closely and consistently always surpasses a great idea implemented half-hearted.

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We have helped 75K+ people in 20+ different countries 2x results and reach heightened & sustained levels of high performance for extended periods of time.

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Access a free library full of practical strategies, tools, and resources to build a prosperous, secure, and fulfilling life, business and beyond.

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For those who love igniting greatness in others.


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